Still Spirits Filter Pro

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The Filter Pro is a vertical (gravity-fed) filter and is the latest release from Still Spirits. Processing up to 2.1 gallons (8 L) of spirit at a time. Easy-to-use tri-clamps, flow control, and a removable door and wall mount.

Perfect for home distillers who want to upgrade their existing filtering system or new distillers who want to create the cleanest of spirits from the get-go, the Filter Pro offers a user-friendly solution and superior results!


  • Made from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Filters an impressive 2.1 gallons (8L) of spirit at a time.
  • Fits up to 500g of loose Still Spirits Activated Finishing Carbon to remove unwanted flavors from distilled spirit.
  • Additional filter papers included to prevent dust and carbon particles.
  • Long stainless-steel shaft ensures maximum contact time with the carbon.
  • Filter where you want with the removable door & wall mount.
  • Easy to connect tri-clamps & adjustable flow control.

The quality stainless-steel build means the Filter Pro looks sleek and impressive in any space your customer decides to mount it - made possible with the removable door and wall mounts included. Even the box it comes in is designed to jump off the shelf.


  1. Hopper
  2. Hopper Lid
  3. Wall-mounted bracket
  4. Door-mounted bracket
  5. Mounting fasteners x 2
  6. Filter Column
  7. Ball Valve
  8. Tri-clamp clamps x 2
  9. Tri-clamp seals x 2
  10. Filter papers pack of 5
  11. 500g SS Loose Carbon x 1