Equipment Rental Agreement

Home Fermenter Rental Terms and Agreement

To rent any equipment from Home Fermenter, it is required read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

To guarantee your equipment rental reservation, a credit card must be on record and associated with the reservation scheduled and rental fees applied within the Home Fermenter online rental equipment system managed by

Cancelation of a rental reservation requires a phone call or email to Home Fermenter at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation in order to receive a full refund of the rental fees.  Rental equipment returned earlier than scheduled return date will not be subject to refund.

Cancelation Contact Options
Phone: 541-485-6238

All rental equipment carries an assigned security deposit.  While the security deposit is not charged at the time of placing the reservation, a credit card on record is required to make a reservation.  This security deposit will be used to charge additional fees and/or deposits as needed and in accordance with the Home Fermenter Rental Terms and Agreement.

Damaged, lost, misuse, or abuse of rental equipment may result in partial or complete charge of the security deposit amount of the rental equipment after a complete inspection and evaluation of that equipment.  The renter will be responsible and authorizes additional charges to the card of record for any additional cost that is not covered by the security deposit up to the full retail price of the equipment rented plus the rental fees.

All equipment is to be returned cleaned of all residual pulp, skins, stems, liquids, and other debris. This includes inside, outside, and underneath the equipment. A cleaning fee with a minimum of $50 may be applied to the security deposit for rental equipment returned without being properly cleaned.

All rentals are scheduled a return time which are listed on the booking confirmation.  Any items not returned on time will result in rental additional charges at the standard rental rate.  Excessively late items will be considered lost or unreturned and may be charged the above additional rental fees relative to the time out as well as the full replacement value of the equipment.  The renter authorizes additional credit card charges to the card on record to cover these charges.