Stavin American Oak Cubes - Medium Plus Toast

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The American oak had aromatic sweetness and a campfire/roasted coffee attribute present in all three toast levels, with Medium Plus and Heavy toast having the highest intensity. American oak had cooked fruit more than a fresh or jammy quality. American Oak imparted mouthfeel/fullness, especially in Medium Plus.

Cubes (also known as Oak Beans) offer the home winemaker control and flexibility during red and white fermentations and aging. StaVin’s slow fire-toasting creates the same traditional flavors found in the production of fire-toasted barrels. Unlike Fermentation Chips, Cubes offer a slower, more complex extraction, matching barrel flavors.

Best results will be achieved by fermenting with the Cubes and leaving them in the wine for the duration (until filtering and bottling).

Using Oak Cubes aids in the stabilization of color and helps cross-link tannins, which builds structure in wine.

For 100% New barrel impact:  Use 1.5 lb (680 g) per 60 gal (227 l)