Spike+ Pickup Tube - Side

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The Spike+ side pickup is specially designed to work with Spike Brewing's Spike+ line of kettles. The dual 1.5" TC flange allows the pickup tube to attach to the kettle and have a valve or other 1.5" TC accessory attached to the outside. They use 5/8" tubing which flows up to 4x better than their competitors 1/2" size.

Recommend Uses:

  • Boil Kettle - Create a whirlpool inside your kettle so hop material collects in the center of the lower stepped section. The side pickup will drain clear wort from the side, above the stepped bottom, avoiding the hop and trub material which has settled. 
  • Custom Kettles - Works as a top re-circulation arm or a whirlpool arm. 


  • One size fits all Spike+ kettles 
  • Oversized 5/8" diameter 304 stainless tube
  • Sized to pick up from above the stepped bottom to avoid hop/trub pickup
    • Rotatable from the outside when installed
  • Made in the USA

**A 1.5" gasket and clamp will need to be purchased separately if you do not already have spares**