Organic Wheat Berries - 5 pounds

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These Organic Hard Red Wheat Berries are grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Wheat berries are an unmalted wheat that have a strong grain flavor, and a very light straw color. Unmalted wheat is used in many traditional Belgian styles to add flavor and cloudiness, and improve head formation. The starch in raw grain is not gelatinized and the protein content is high. Depending upon use, a cereal mash and/or protein rest may be required.

Wheat berry crops are either “spring” or “winter” crops. Typically the harder the berry, the higher the protein content. Since spring wheat generally has higher protein (i.e. gluten) and gluten is what allows dough its shape, elasticity, and rise; hard red spring wheat tends to be a better flour choice for sandwich-style bread. Winter red is wonderful for mixing with other types of flour to produce Old World style breads.

5 pound bag