Faucet Lock, Wrap Around, Fits Perlick

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Specially designed lock to fit Perlick taps. Secure unauthorized beer handling with this beer faucet lock.

The U hasp wraps closely around the faucet tap handle and beer inlet. This leaves no space to move the handle. So can’t open the faucet and hence no beer flows out either.

Lock made of Chrome plated Brass and comes with two-set alike keys.

  • Use with Perlick taps only.
  • Chrome plated Brass lock with 2 alike keys set
  • Locks the tap handle to the faucet body in close position. Cannot move and open the tap with the lock around.
  • Eliminates underage access to your draft beer setup.
  • Tamper proof and extremely easy to install and remove.

Also fits stainless steel Intertap faucets