Crème Fraîche Cheese Culture

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Easy to make, and a decadent upgrade from sour cream!

Direct-set (single use)

Cultures at room temperature.

You will receive:

4 packets of Crème Fraîche culture (includes rennet) and instructions

Crème Fraîche is a cultured dairy product that is very popular in France. It is produced by adding a starter culture to heavy cream and allowing it to stand at an appropriate temperature until it thickens. It has a creamy texture, similar to sour cream, but a little less tart. While traditionally made with cream, it can also be made with milk. It's often paired with fruit and desserts, and is also used in sauces & soups to add richness. The higher the fat, the less risk of curdling.

You will need:

  • stainless steel pot with lid (no aluminum)
  • non-aluminum spoon thermometer
  • 1 quart raw or pasteurized cream or half & half (avoid ultra-pasteurized or UHT)
  • 1 packet Crème Fraîche starter (store remaining packets in freezer for future use)

Directions: Heat 1 quart of cream or half & half to 86 degrees.

1. Heat 1 quart of cream or half & half to 86 degrees F.

2. Add 1 packet Crème Fraîche starter and mix thoroughly for 15 seconds (no longer).

3. Cover pot with lid and allow to culture in a warm spot, 72-77 degrees F, for 12 hours.

The Crème Fraîche should be set after 12 hours. Store in a closed container for about a week.


lactic bacteria, vegetable rennet

gluten free, vegetarian