Black Beauty Capper

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Twin-Lever bottle capper for crown caps ø 26 mm, suitable for hermetically closing of glass bottles with a cylindrical neck of ø 26 mm.

Made of sturdy nylon with galvanized steel tightening wings, two comfortable anti-slip levers and a galvanized-steel crimping cup, designed to ensure a smooth andcontinuous movement of the levers. A magnet ensures the precise and easy capping and an automatic ejector facilitates removing the bottle after the capping operation. Light and practical, ideal for amateur use!


  1. Push the levers upward to have access to the crimping cup.
  2. Apply the crown cap on the magnet inside the crimping cup.
  3. Place the capper with crown cap on the bottle-mouth (be sure to operate on a solid surface).
  4. Push both levers down together until the complete closure of the cap.
  5. Bring the levers back upward without lifting the bottle from the surface.


When using the capper please use protective equipment for eyes, hands and forearms. An incorrect use of the capper or non-adequate crown
caps, can cause the breaking of the bottle and injuries to the person. Considering the wide range of bottles and crown caps available on the market, some particular combinations could cause an excessive pressure, with damages, on the bottle (especially for single-use ones). If during the capping you notice that you have to apply too much strength, be very careful and use all possible precautions to avoid breaking the bottle.


  • Al non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.
  • Plastic parts: Polyamide PA6 (Nylon 6)
  • Metal parts: Galvanized steel

Made in Italy.

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