American Oak Carboy Spiral Heavy Toast - 2 pack

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Infusion Spirals are easy to use, time saving, economical, environmentally friendly, as well as being high-quality.

Infusion Spiral American Oak Heavy Toast are made from premium American oak. These spirals deliver 8 months of new barrel flavor in as little as six weeks. Infusion Spiral American Oak Light Toast is perfect for controlled additions of oak flavoring with rapid results.

American Oak Infusion Spiral Heavy Toast brings pronounced caramelized, carbonized and toast flavors very quickly.

Suggested Application: 1 stick per 3 gallons. Spirals may be snapped into smaller portions to achieve desired flavor intensity.

The spiral shape achieves maximim accelerated extraction time. Place directly into wine, beer, or spirit. Oak flavor is fully extracted in 6 weeks. Withdraw sooner for milder taste. 

Toast: Heavy

Dimensions: 1" x 8"