Altus™ (EXP. #07270) Lupulin Pellet Hops

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Lupulin is the small yellow glands inside of a hop cone that contain alpha-acids and essential oils.  Through proprietary processing, Hopsteiner is able to separate the lupulin glands from the bract to provide a higher concentrate pellet containing less vegetal matter and more of the resins that boost flavor and aroma. Lupulin Pellets™ are a great option for your late hop additions and for dry hopping.

Fresh from Hopsteiner's breeding program is Altus™ (formerly X07270). Altus™ has massive spicy, dank, and resinous aromas that lend to soft tangerine and herbal, grassy notes. Booming with high alpha and oil content, Altus™ is the perfect dual-purpose flavor-forward bittering hop and has changed the way we typically look at high alpha varieties. From a Mexican Lager all the way up the pike to a triple IPA, Altus™ can repurpose itself in many recipes for those who dare to explore the creative potentials behind this variety.

Bitter Components

  • Alpha Acid:    23 – 26%
  • Beta Acid:       4.0 - 5.2%
  • Co-Humulone: 26 - 29

Aroma Components

  • Total Oils: 3.0 - 4.4 mL/100g
  • Beta-caryophyllene: Humulene: 050 - 0.55
  • Farnesene % of total oil:  0.10 - 0.30
  • Linalool% of total oil: 0.9 - 1.2
  • Linalool: Alpha-Acid:  0.06 - 0.07