Sequoia™ Hop Pellets

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Sequoia™ is a hop blend from the BSG Hop Solutions program, formerly known as HS-1228, available exclusively from Brewers Supply Group. Its sensory profile is a mix of tropical fruit and classic West Coast hop character.


Pronounced tropical fruit (mango, pineapple) with citrus and pine.

Brewing Application:

Sequoia™ is designed as a late kettle or dry hop for classic West Coast-inspired IPAs showcasing notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine. Its strong tropical fruit expression also makes it well-suited to hazy or juicy IPA, as well as other hop-forward styles. 

Sensory Highlights: 

Pineapple – Mango - Pine


  • Alpha Acid Range %: 9.0-12.0%
  • Beta Acid Range%: 3.5-5.5%
  • Co-Humulone as % of Alpha: 28-32
  • Total Oil mL/100 g:  1.5-2.5