Rye Malt

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An often overlooked malt, Rye Malt has a unique spicy rye flavor for the production of rye beer. Rye Malt can help build flavor and develop complexity in many beer styles, from medium flavored lagers to dark ales. Use in 5% increments until desired flavor is achieved. Rye Malt is fully modified. It performs well in a single temperature infusion mash if used at less than 20% of total grist.  Hulless and with a high beta glucan content, Rye Malt can result in a sticky mash and slow lautering. It is recommend to add rice hulls when usage levels approach 20% and supplementing with a beta glucanase enzyme above 35% for manageable lautering.

Suggested Usage Levels:

  • 1-3% Adds dryness and a touch of spicy rye flavor and interest to many beer styles, from medium flavored lagers to dark ales
  • 5% Rye Pale Ales, Wheat and Smoked Beers
  • 10-35% Roggenbier (German Rye Beer), American Rye Beer


  • Color Range °L : 3.7
  • Target Color °L : 3.7
  • Moisture % : 5
  • Protein Total % : 10.5
  • Extract FG Dry : 80
  • Diastatic Power : 105
  • Organic : No
  • Origin : North America
  • Geography : Mid-West
  • Maltster : Briess