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Canada Malting Company - Century Rye Malt

Canada Malting Company has been producing rye malt for distillers since their company began in 1902. They now offer it to brewers looking to add complexity and character to their beers. Sourced mainly from Alberta, this rye is the absolute best quality rye available, low protein, plump and with a delicate blue-green colour tone unique to rye.

Since rye malt is higher in protein and beta-glucans, rice hulls are recommended to prevent stuck mashes.



      • Distinctive spiciness and light sour note, characteristic of rye grain

Suggested Use:

      • For brewing, use at up to 35% of the grist. 
      • When used at low inclusion rates (5 – 10%) the Century Rye imparts a subtle complexity and light sweetness which goes very well with IPAs and porters.
      • For distilling, the Century Rye is an excellent malt to use for a rye whiskey in place of unmalted rye; it gives a smoother, cleaner flavour, with more complexity and malt sweetness. Some of the world’s finest rye whiskey use 70 to 100% Century Rye.

Typical Analysis:

      • Color °L: 1.8 - 3.2
      • Protein: 11.0 Max.
      • Extract FG: 81 Dry Min.
      • Plumps: 85% Min.

Store in cool, dry conditions, away from pests and odours