RJS Craft Winemaking En Primeur Winery Series - Chilean Malbec

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Chile Malbec
En PrimeurWinery Series Wine Making Ingredient Kit

A brilliant bouquet of dark fruits with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. Strong plum and berry flavours balanced by moderate tannins on the palate.

Chile Malbec

Fermenting your wine on GenuWine Winery Crushed Grape Skins will enhance the bouquet and contribute soft velvety tannins for a round, juicy mouthfeel.


  • Weeks: 8
  • Varietal: Malbec
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Oak: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Makes 6 Gallons

En Primeur Winery Series provides the most authentic craft winemaking experience, enabling you to craft age-worthy wines of distinction that will impress every wine connoisseur.

RJS Craft Winemaking red wines include GenuWine Winery Crushed or Dried Grape Skins, which provide deep color, chewy tannins, tantalizing flavors and complex aromas. Their white wines include select yeast strains that enhance varietal characteristics during fermentation to bring out the best flavors and aromas.

Each kit contains 16 or 18 liters of superior quality varietal grape juice and concentrate that, in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, will make 23 liters of your very own exceptional craft wine.

Kit Instruction Sheet