Pro Sight Glass Distillation Lid (65L)

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Compatible with 65L BrewZillas and DigiBoils. Designed to be extremely sturdy when using heavier stills or off-center steam condenser units. Pairs perfectly with AlcoEngine Still Tops or the BrewZilla Steam Condenser Set. The PPSU sight glass allows you to watch your wort or wash boil and keep an eye on foaming issues. For brewing with the Steam Condenser Set, the sight glass is easily removed for adding hops or other boil additions. (Use gloves, it will be hot!)

PPSU is an excellent choice for components that are exposed to high temperatures (up to 392°F / 200°C) and corrosive media due to its exceptional chemical resistance. As well as being extremely impact resistant. KegLand decided to use this type of plastic because it also has superior thermal and mechanical properties with the added benefit of being transparent. Intricate parts can be injection molded that would have been near impossible to do with stainless steel or lab-grade glass.


  • 2" T.C. top ferrule port
  • 3" T.C. sight glass ferrule
  • Lid handles with molded grips
  • Thicker silicone lid gasket for a tighter seal


  • 3" PPSU sight glass disc
  • 3" tri-clamp
  • 3" silicone tri-clamp gasket
  • Silicone lid gasket