Pickup Tube - Side

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Spike Brewing's special 5/8" pickup tube flows up to 4x better than their competitors 1/2" size. These 5/8" tubes work perfectly with their full port valves which have a 5/8" flow diameter; no flow restriction.

Spike Brewing's proprietary fittings uses quick connect technology. The quick connect fitting simply hand screws into the kettle and the pickup tube easily pushes in/pulls out; no tools needed.

Recommend Uses:

  • Boil Kettle - Create a whirlpool inside your kettle so hop material collects in the center of the lower stepped section. The side pickup will drain clear wort from the side, above the stepped bottom, avoiding the hop and trub material which has settled. 
  • Custom Kettles - Works as a top re-circulation arm or a whirlpool arm.


  • One size fits all kettles 
  • Large 5/8" diameter 304 stainless tube
    • Simply push in for seal; no tools required
  • Proprietary stainless push to connect fitting included
  • Rests on top step for clear wort draining
  • Made in the USA