Moxon Oak - American Complex Oak Tablets in Plastic Carboy Sleeve

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-Barrel insert consisting of a perforated nylon sleeve of 4’’, filled with 28 grams of Tablets.

Moxon American Oak Tablets are manufactured from the 3 year air season oak. The wood is ground to flour with the lignin in the cells, then fused in the absence of any binding agent.

The tablets are then roasted at in ovens at various schedules to develop a range of flavor profiles. Using a roasted "right through" approach, the tablets have an even and consistent extraction.

Due to this process, the density of the Moxon Oak Tablets is roughly double that of Oak Chips, doubling the weight allowed in a given space, as well as removing any air (or moisture) from the product. Tablets will "sink" when added to your mixture, removing the need to secure them to prevent floating. As such, tablets can be added loose or in an immersion mesh bag. 

Because of the zero moisture in the tablets, they will readily soak into the wine resulting in rapid and complete extraction. 

We recommend addition rates of 1 gram per liter for white wine and 2-3 grams per liter for red wines. The product is particularly suited for use in making oak teas (high extract oak concentrate).

Toasting regime designed specifically to provider for a mix of flavors with great integration into table wines. 

Flavor descriptors; brown spice, nutmeg, roasted nuts, baked bread.