Megamouth Torpedo Ball Lock Keg - 10 Gallon

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The Megamouth Torpedo Kegs are by far the easiest to clean and maintain out of any ball lock homebrew keg you'll find. With an extra-large lid opening, even the buffest of homebrewer (we hear they do exist!) will have no trouble reaching in for a good scrub when it kicks—no expensive keg washing contraptions needed! The Megamouth makes for an excellent pressurizable fermentation vessel and is the ideal choice for brewers who prefer to add dry hops and other flavoring ingredients directly to the keg.

The brand new patented design, D794,899, of the Torpedo Keg gives you a high quality keg with features that a dedicated home brewer will appreciate. The machine welds on the Torpedo Keg exceed our standards for quality. There are no nooks and crannies for contaminant to get lodged in. The weld quality is possible because these kegs made by an ISO certified commercial keg manufacturer.

These kegs can be stacked on top of each other with the Ball Lock quick disconnects still attached. They feature rolled stainless steel handles that are comfortable to grab. "In" and "Out" are etched near the keg posts for a quick and mistake-free set up when you are connecting lines in a refrigerator or kegerator.

Considering the price and quality, the Torpedo Keg is an amazing value!

Mouth opening is 5.8" L x 4.8" W.

Height - 30.3"

Width - 11.4"