Kegland Electric Apple Grinder

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This all-stainless electric apple grinder (aka apple/crusher/grinder/pulper/pulverizer/masher) makes the correct pulp size of your apples for the 40L Hydropress. Allowing maximum yield potential of delicious juice. It can also be used on destemmed grapes, pears and other non-pitted fruit. With an updated baffle design in the feed chute, it will take whole apples, large or small, poured rapidly down the chute.

Always remember to wash down immediately after use with the power unplugged. Please be extra careful with the razor-sharp blades when wiping down. Store dry.

Sturdy & Corrosion-Free
All structural and contact parts are made from industrial grade AISI 304 stainless steel for long life and quick, easy cleanup. All construction is heavy-duty and rugged.

Powerful Motor
This crusher boasts a hefty 2hp (2780 rpm) motor that provides unlabored operation and years of reliable use. It grinds 2 lbs of Apples in just 2 seconds.

Safety First
A lockout switch in the base of the unit requires the hopper/blade cover to be in place, or power will not be supplied to the motor. Baffles in the chute prevent hand contact with blades.


  • Super fast grinding
  • High juice yield
  • Strong 2 HP motor
  • Safety switch included
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stainless materials
  • Wide stable stance
  • For apples, pears, pitless fruit
  • Fast & easy cleanup
  • 110V
  • CE Certified

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