Kegland Oven Mitts

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The KegLand Heat Resistant Gloves are as impressive as they are functional with the ability to handle contact with temperatures of up to 932°F. This means that it is perfect for use with oven baking, hot pots, grilling, barbecuing, and woodstoves.

Fashioned with high-quality aramid fibers which work to insulate and protect hands from burning temperatures, these gloves have a comfortable cotton and polyester lining which allows for breathability to resist sweating and a gauntlet-length style of design to protect wrists and forearm from scorching heat as well. These gloves are thick to provide excellent thermal protection and durability, but they are lightweight for extended use without fatigue.

Sizing: Medium (fits most, but may be too small for very large hands).

With heat resistance up to 932°F, these gloves are perfect for:

  • Oven baking, hot pots, grilling, barbecuing, and woodstoves
  • Adjusting logs in the fireplace
  • Touching scorching hot utensils or food while boiling or frying


  • High-quality aramid fibers for insulation and cotton and polyester lining
  • Designed for mobility and flexibility in mind
  • Food-grade silicone layer
  • Machine-washable (hang dry)

KegLand Part Number: KL32292