Gambrinus Rye Malt - 55 pound bag

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Gambrinus Rye Malt is a welcome addition to a wide range of beer styles and spirit mashbills, where it supplies spicy, grainy, and bready notes with suggestions of vanilla and sweet dough, as well as enhanced mouthfeel.

Brewers love the subtle cracked-pepper spiciness that even small percentages of this malt bring to IPA, red ale, blonde ale, saison and grisette, Scotch and Irish ale, amber lagers, stout, or porter. When used as a larger proportion of the grist for traditional Roggenbier or rye beers, expect more dominant bready, spicy, and grainy overtones with a hint of vanilla. Gambrinus Rye Malt is a great addition for a Hazy IPA to amplify mouthfeel, viscosity, and head retention in conjunction with flaked oats or wheat. Because of the combination of high beta glucans and no husk, we recommend the use of rice or oat hulls to improve lautering and reduce the risk of a stuck mash.

Distillers can use our Rye Malt as a base for vodka, gin, and aquavit, as well as a wide range of whiskey styles: bourbon, straight rye, experimental malt whiskey, and more.


  • Color °L: 2.0-3.5
  • Moisture % Max: 5.5
  • Protein Total: <11
  • Extract FG Min: 84.0%
  • Usage Rate: Up to 20%
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