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SafBrew™ DA -16 is an All-In-1™ solution from Fermentis especially for dry, hop forward, fruity beers. With the influence of the selected yeast, this solution is not only efficient and practical, it also enhances distinct hop characters and fruity esters. The perfect solution to make deliciously dry, fruity beers and amazing aromas, in a variety of ABV levels.

This product is All-In-1™

SafBrew™ DA-16 is a powerful solution (consisting of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes) for the production of very dry and flavorful beers, particularly fruity and hoppy ones such as Brut IPAs. SafBrew™ DA-16 is also recommended for very high gravity wort, allowing a level of alcohol up to 16% ABV.

Ingredients: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Maltodextrin, Glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger (EC, Emulsifier E491 (Sorbitan monostearate)


  • Total Esters: High
  • Total sup.alcohols: High
  • Apparent attenuation: 98-102%
  • Floculation:
  • Sedimentation: Medium 


20-32 grams per 5.28 gallons of wort at ideally 68.0°F – 89.6°F (20°C – 32°C).


  • Direct pitching:
    • Direct pitch in the fermentor at fermentation temperature at 25°C – 35 °C (77.0°F – 95.0°F)
  • With prior rehydration:
    • Rehydrate the yeast in 10 times its volume of water or wort at 20°C – 32 °C (68.0°F – 89.6°F).
    • Leave to rest for 15 minutes
    • Gently stir
    • Pitch in the fermentor

SafBrew DA-16 is not suitable for re-pitching and for bottle and cask conditioning.


For less than 6 months: the product must be stored below 24°C. For more than 6 months: the product must be stored below 15°C. For short period not exceeding 7 days there is an exception to these rules.

Shelf Life

  • 36 months from production date.
  • Refer to best before end date printed on the sachet.
  • Opened sachets must be sealed and stored at 4°C (39°F) and used within 7 days of opening. Do not use soft or damaged.

25 gram packet

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