Enoferm Beta Dry Malolactic Wine Bacteria, 2.5g

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Oenococcus oeni adapted to high SO2 with positive aroma impact

Enoferm Beta™ was isolated in the Abruzzi wine region of Italy. Its name comes from its capacity to increase levels of beta-damascenone and beta-ionone which are compounds that contribute floral notes, particularly in Merlot. Beta contributes fruity and berry notes in Cabernet Sauvignon and can enhance diacetyl in white wines when used in a sequential fermentation.

Technical Information:

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15%
  • pH Tolerance: > 3.2
  • SO₂ Total Tolerance: <60 mg/L
  • Nutrient Demand: High
  • Min. Temperature Tolerance: 14 °C (57°F)
  • ML Addition Method: Direct Addition

2.5g package

BETA Data Sheet