Enoferm Alpha Dry Malolactic Wine Bacteria, 2.5g

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Security and mouthfeel, adapted to high alcohol wines

Enoferm ALPHA™ was selected by the Institut Technique du Vin (ITV) in France from spontaneous malolactic fermentations showing good fermentation activity and sensory contribution. ALPHA™ is a dominant strain and has the capacity to achieve reliable MLF, even showing good resistance to botrycides. Contrary to spontaneous MLF, the contribution of ALPHA™ to white wine is usually described as enhancing the mouthfeel, while respecting the wine’s varietal character. The lower perception of green and vegetative flavors is the result of the very positive impact of ALPHA™ on wine complexity.

Technical Information:

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15.5 %
  • pH Tolerance: > 3.2
  • SO₂ Total Tolerance: <50 mg/L
  • Nutrient Demand: Low
  • Min. Temperature Tolerance: 14 °C
  • Max. Temperature Tolerance: 28 °C
  • Diacetyl Production during co-Inoculation: Very low
  • Sensory Impact: Mouthfeel Complexity Fruity
  • Diacetyl Production by Post AF Inoculation: Moderate to Low
  • Citric Acid Degradation: Late to moderate degradation during MLF
  • Biogenic Amines: No

2.5g package

ALPHA data sheet