CH35 Viniflora Malolactic Bacteria

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Dry Malolactic Bacteria - Viniflora CH35

One package is good for 66 gallons.

Viniflora CH35 is a freeze-dried culture of Oenococcus oeni. This malolactic bacteria is a good selection for direct inoculation of rose and white wines. Viniflora CH35 has been selected for its outstanding performance in malolactic fermentation of difficult white wines. This strain is the perfect match for rose and white wines but can also be used with success in red wines.

  • Outstanding tolerance to low pH and elevated levels of SO2 (down to pH 3.0 and up to 50ppm!)
  • Strong fermenter under harsh white wine conditions
  • Clean and fruity flavor profile
  • Low production of volatile acidity
  • No production of biogenic amines
  • High inoculation level encourages a completed malolactic fermentation
  • 14% alcohol tolerance

Viniflora CH35 should be added to dry wine, right after the alcoholic fermentation. No rehydration or reactivation is required.

Ships with an ice pack.