Amburana Carboy Spiral - 2 pack

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Amburana (Amburana cearensis) is also known as Brazilian oak, named after the country from which the majority of Amburana trees are grown. It is a wood commonly associated with the aging of a Brazilian spirit, Cachaça, a sugarcane spirit similar to rum.

Amburana tends to reduce acidity in a beverage, highlighting more beverage flavor while contributing sweet and savory flavors of gingerbread and vanilla. Herbal notes of thyme can also be detected.

Suggested Application: 1 stick per 3 gallons. Spirals may be snapped into smaller portions to achieve desired flavor intensity.

The spiral shape achieves maximim accelerated extraction time. Place directly into wine, beer, or spirit. Amburana flavor is fully extracted in 6 weeks. Withdraw sooner for milder taste. 

Toast: Light Toast

Dimensions: 1" x 8"