2272 North American Lager - PC

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*Seasonal* A traditional culture of North American and Canadian lagers, light pilsners, and adjunct beers. Mildly malty profile, medium ester profile, well balanced. Malty finish.

Species: Saccharomyces pastorianus

Alcohol Tolerance: 9%


Attenuation: 70-76% 

Temp: 52 - 58°F

Beer Styles: American lager, American light lager, Pre-prohibition lager, International pale lager, International dark lager

We ship all liquid yeast with an ice pack and insulated bubble envelope. Beware that the liquid yeast will not arrive cold even when shipped together. Ice packs and insulated mailing options are designed to keep the yeast colder for longer during shipment, but they will not ensure that your yeast arrives cold. We will not replace liquid yeast that arrives warm. During warmer months we strongly recommend you choose dry yeast.