.1N - Acid Test Kit

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A complete acid test kit, which includes:

  • Standard Sodium Hydroxide Solution .1N
  • Acid Indicator Solution (Phenolphthalein)
  • Calibrated Syringe
  • Test Tube
  • Full Instructions

Contains Hazardous Materials -- KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

The formula used to calculate TA (titratable acidity) as g/L of tartaric acid is as follows:

Titratable acidity (g/L tartaric acid) = (Vtitrant * Ntitrant *75)/ Vsample

Vtitrant: Volume of titrant in mL
Vsample: Volume of sample in mL
Ntitrant: Titrant concentration in normality
75: Value based on various conversion factors (i.e. molecular weight, reaction ratio, etc.)

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