110V Heating Element

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A weldless, 304 stainless steel heating element that will work for most kettles. Install by drilling a 1.25" hole into your kettle and tightening the nut on the outside.


  • 1600 watt 110 volt 304 stainless steel element
  • Food grade, high temperature silicone seal
  • The element itself is 11.5" long, 0.75" diameter
  • Designed for use with 5 gallon batches

Not Included: The heating element requires a power cord which can be purchased separately (Electrical connection requires a computer power connection IEC320 C13 to your 110 v plug).

Warning: Having electrical devices around liquid can be hazardous. Please use caution while using this device and do not leave it unattended when in use. Fully read the instruction manual prior to use.