San Step Sanitizer

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San Step is an EPA registered, low foaming sanitizer.  When used as directed it is even suitable for systems that vigorously agitate the solution.  Foam does not cling to the sides of vessels or tools, leaving a pristine, sanitary surface.  Water hardness has no impact on the efficiency of San Step, so you do not waste treated water (softened, RO, etc.) on sanitation.

The components in San Step are organic fatty acids combined with phosphoric acid. These will readily biodegrade or revert to naturally occurring minerals over a short period of time and the product itself is nontoxic. Bear in mind, however that the concentrated product (as in the case of all concentrated acids) is corrosive, so always be careful when mixing up a sanitizing solution. When diluted with water as directed for proper use, San Step is safe to handle with the same precautions taken with any acid-based product

Usage rate is a dilution rate of 1 ounce per 6 gallons of water for the most economical use.

32 ounce bottle.

Note: This product can only ship via ground transportation.

 San Step Home Data Sheet

San Step Safety Data Sheet (SDS)