Orange Blossom Honey, 5 lbs

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Dutch Gold's Orange Blossom Honey brings with it the heavenly aroma of the orange groves. For years, beekeepers have brought their hives to the blossoming orange groves of Florida in the early spring so that the honey bees can collect the fragrant nectar.

The beekeepers take great care to keep the Orange Blossom Honey separate from the other spring honey and quickly extract this golden liquid as soon as the trees lose their blossoms. Orange Blossom Honey's unique fragrance makes it an unforgettable honey.

Orange Blossom Honey can add a special dimension to any brew.


  • Floral Source: Orange Blossom
  • Typical Color: Light
  • Typical Flavor: Mild, Heavy Bodied
  • Suggested Use in Beers/Meads/Hard Cider: Ginger Spiced Beers, Holiday Beers, Light Beers, Melomel, Hard Cider

5 LB Container