Kazbek Pellet Hops

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Hop Type: Dual-Purpose

Origin: Czech Republic

Alpha Acid: 5.0 - 8.0%

Common Styles: Lagers, French & Belgian Ales

Named for one of the highest peaks in the Caucasus Mountains, Kazbek’s parents are Saaz and a wild landrace from the Caucasus. It was first released in 2008, and each year since has seen increasing acreage devoted in its home country. Primarily aroma and flavor - Czech brewers favor it for late additions. Recommended as a finishing or dry hop for craft lagers, or anywhere a noble hop character with a higher intensity and oil content may be desired. Similar to Saaz, but turned up to 11. Can show a dominant bright citrus note of lemon or grapefruit, but never obscures the quintessential mixture of floral and earthy spice of its Saaz parent.

All hops are nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness.