FLORAPAN® LA4K Sourdough Culture

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FLORAPAN® LA4K Sourdough Starter

  • Independent and well rounded flavor
  • Right ratio of acetic to lactic acid in a single step fermentation
  • Developed for a broad application: rye sourdough, French levain, Italian polish, Portugese fermento
  • Controlled and safe fermentation process
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

Made from pure strains of bacteria and yeast, Lallemand's Florapan® Sourdough Baking cultures help minimize the risk of microorganism mutations and variations which tend to jeopardize the stability of the fermentation process and negatively impact the consistency of bread quality.

  • Consistent high sourdough quality
  • Contribute varying degrees of sourdough flavor intensity and acidity
  • Ensures a more predictable fermentation flavor and timing, delivering successful results in successive production-runs.
  • Can be used in a one-step fermentation or in traditional multiple steps for all kind of sourdoughs styles (Detmolder-1; 2; or 3-step rye sourdough, French levain, Italian poolish, San Francisco type sourdough)