Economy Taprite CO2 Regulator

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TapRite's Economy Series Primary Beer Regulator for Home Draft Dispense is easy to use and easy to maintain. The T-Handle Set Screw adjustment makes it a quick to adjust "set and forget" tool for maintaining constant pressure into your system. The regulator's brass body and zinc bonnet make it corrosion resistant and highly durable in a number of environments. This 1 Pressure 1 Product Regulator has a CGA320 Inlet and 5/16"Barb Shutoff w/Check. The 30lb Output Gauge provides increased accuracy for dispensing in the 10-20psi range, and the 2000lb Gauge lets you keep track of how much CO2 is left in your tank. The Manual Pressure Relief Valve makes tank change outs a breeze and minimizes your chances for foamy pours.


  • TapRite Part Number:3741-BR-30MT
  • Regulator Inlet Type:CGA320
  • Special Features:T-Handle Adjustment, Manual PRV
  • Working Pressure Range:0-50psi
  • Pressures and Products:1P1P
  • Regulator Gas Type:CO2
  • Regulator Outlet Type:5/16" Barb Shutoff w/Check
  • Regulator Type:Beer, CO2, Home Draft, Primary, Tank Mount, Series 3740, Low Pressure