Briess Chocolate Malt

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Briess 2-Row Chocolate is a roasted malt made from 2-row barley. It has the flavor of rich, roasted coffee and cocoa and produces a brown color. It is typically used lightly and in darker beer styles like porters, stouts, brown ales and dunkels.

Flavor & Color Characteristics

      • Malt Style: Chocolate Malt
      • Flavor: Rich roasted coffee, cocoa
      • Color: Brown hues

Characteristics / Applications

      • The chocolate flavor is very complementary when used in higher percentages in Porters, Stouts, Brown Ales, Dunkels and other dark beers.
      • Use in all styles for color.
      • Produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting varieties.

Suggested Usage Levels

      • 1-10% Porters, Stouts, Brown Ales, Dunkel and other dark beers

Other Specifications:

      • Color Range °L : 350
      • Moisture % : 6
      • Extract FG Dry : 73
      • Origin : North America
      • Maltster : Briess