Johnson Controls Analog Temperature Controller

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The controller features a 20° to 80°F range, adjustable with the turn of a calibrated knob. There is no probe temperature readout on the dial, so keeping a thermometer inside the refrigerator is a good idea to keep track of the actual temperature. On most refrigerators, the controller will allow a usable range of 37° to 80°F, while on freezers, the controller will be able to reach its full 20° to 80° range, assuming the temperature outside the freezer is warmer or the same temperature as the temperature you desire. 
Features a preset 3.5° differential. This means if you set the controller to 60°F, it will cool to 56.5 F, shut off, and wait for the temperature to rise to 60°F again. Like the built in 3° to 7° differential on all home refrigerators and freezers (the stock differential you will be overriding with the controller), this prevents the compressor from repeatedly turning on and off to maintain a narrow temperature range, reducing wear. Keep in mind that beer (or wine) in a fermenter or in bottles does not fluctuate in temperature nearly as much as the surrounding air.
 The controller will drive up to a 12 amp (110 volt) refrigerator or freezer. It features a 6’ plug-in-a-plug power cord, which keeps power cords at the plug for safety. The 6 foot capillary cord probe tube, although not as flexible as the sensor wire on the controller II (and not submersible), is only 1/16” diameter, so it can bend around a refrigerator or freezer door (drilling or cutting is not required).