1823 Maris Otter Finest Ale Malt

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This is one of Baird's finest two row Winter barley Ale malts that is produced utilizing one of the UK's oldest brewing varieties to meet the niche requirements of a growing number of dedicated craft brewers that choose Maris Otter® malt as the base of many of the great traditional British style beers they produce.

This malt is produced from the cream of the Maris Otter® crop, selecting some of the lowest protein barley grown by farmers keen to support the traditions of the variety. This then allows Baird's master maltsters to produce a very traditional low protein malt which is packed with character and flavor. Replicating the original style of Maris Otter® malts that our maltsters would have produced 50 years ago when the variety was first grown harnessing purely the farmers skill & knowledge of his land


  • Color Range °L : 2.0 - 3.0
  • Target Color °L : 2.5
  • Moisture % : 4
  • Protein Total % : 9.7
  • Extract FG Dry : 81
  • Max Usage Rate % : 100
  • Organic : No
  • Origin : Europe
  • Geography : United Kingdom
  • Maltster : Bairds Malting