Sacchra 50 Malt, Great Western Malting, 1lb.

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Sacchra 50: a new malt from GWM that utilizes a unique twist on traditional crystal and high dry production; by merging the two processes--and incorporating a wet saccharification step--GWM has created an innovative new malt for the craft beer marketplace

What makes Sacchra 50 different from a comparable crystal or high dry malt?

With Sacchra 50 in up to 12-15% of your grist build, experience a luscious creamy mouthfeel, red mahogany hue, and a rich earthy malt complexity gentle enough to allow your hops to shine through. 

Recommended styles for initial experimentation: Red IPA, Session Hoppy Red, Imperial Vienna Lager, English Bitter, Irish Red, Porter or Barley Wine.

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