BrewZilla | DigiBoil | Adjustable Lid Clamps | Stainless Steel | Set of 4

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Get the exact tension you need with your BrewZilla or DigiBoil with KegLand's Stainless Steel Adjustable Clamp Set. Permanently replace the standard lid clamps and adjust the tension to your needs. These clamps are only intended for use with the metal Distillation Lid or Boiler Extension Kits. If you are having trouble getting the correct tension to form a good seal with those accessories, these adjustable clamps can help you dial in the fit. They should never be used with the standard glass lid.

Compatible with 35L and 65L BrewZillas (Gen 3 / Gen 4), DigiBoils (Gen 1 / Gen 2), and Boiler Extensions.

Installation Instructions:

  1. You will need a pair of bolt cutters or tin snips to cut the standard clamp off. (Please see product photos for optimum cut location).
  2. Remove the nut and bolt and thread it through the clamp. Ensure that the grooved part is facing outwards (photo for reference). If you do not have the grooved part facing outwards, the clamp will be blocked by the round lip of the boiler.
  3. Loosen the bolts and spin the clamp up or down to adjust the tension. Use the nuts to lock the desired tension. It is always best to start looser than you think, then adjust tighter.

Warning: Do not use the adjustable clamps with a glass lid, the clamps are only designed for distillation lids or other metal accessories.